Retaining walls are an essential element of any landscaping project. They provide stability and support to steep, uneven terrain, preventing soil erosion and landslides. If you are in the Thompson-Okanagan area and looking for a reliable retaining wall specialist, you would want to work with Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls.

Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls is a team of experienced and licensed professionals who specialize in building premium dry stack and custom rock retaining walls. They also provide services for block walls, utility walls, garden walls, parking pads, driveways, address and feature rocks, water features, and excavation.

Hello there! We are a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in our top-quality dry pack rock retaining wall construction. No matter the size of the wall, we put the same amount of integrity, care, and attention to detail into each job. Rattlesnake Rock walls are sought after by homeowners and contractors due to the care, precision and workmanship we provide for our customers. We look forward to working for you.

One of the specialties of Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls is the construction of premium dry stack rock retaining walls. Dry stack walls are built using rocks or stones that are interlocked without the need for mortar. This technique results in a durable and natural-looking wall that blends well with the surrounding landscape. The team at Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls has the skill and experience to build a premium dry stack wall that will enhance the beauty of your property while providing reliable support.

Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls also specializes in building custom rock and block walls. They work closely with their clients to design and construct retaining walls that suit the specific needs of their property. Whether you need a retaining wall for erosion control, landscaping, or aesthetics, Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls can provide customized solutions that meet your requirements.

Rock Retaining Walls Lake Country

If you are looking for a more affordable option to a natural stone wall, block walls are a great alternative. Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls provides block wall construction services for commercial and residential properties throughout BC and the Okanagan Valley. They use durable and high-quality concrete blocks that come in various sizes and colors to match your property’s design.

Utility walls are built to support utility systems such as electrical cables, gas lines, and water pipes. Armoured banks, on the other hand, are retaining walls used to prevent slope failure or enable flat land use. Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls specializes in the construction of utility walls and armoured banks, ensuring their clients’ safety and convenience.

Garden walls are used as borders or raised beds for gardens, providing aesthetics and functionality. Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls’ team can create garden walls that will enhance the beauty of your garden and landscape. They use various materials such as natural rocks, blocks, and bricks to complement your garden’s design.

There you have it. Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls is undoubtedly an exceptional company that specializes in different retaining wall construction services suitable for your property needs. We deliver quality work to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of safety. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced retaining wall specialist in the Okanagan Valley, Rattlesnake Rock Retaining Walls is the go-to company for you. Contact us today and experience the perks of working with professionals.

We are specialists in dry pack rock and block retaining wall design and construction. Every wall – whether a small two-foot wall or a large engineered wall will be built with the same integrity, care and attention to detail.

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